RTM Series Turbo Mill

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Adopting German technology, high-precision machinery mill, continuous technological innovation and upgrading, suitable for 60-10000 mesh (250μm-1μm).

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RTM Series Turbo Mill

Working Principle

  Creating the future of advanced materials with powder technology.

  The material is uniformly fed into the grinding zone by feeding system and strongly impacted by the high-speed rotating grinding disc. The grinding rotor is composed of a multi-layer grinding disc and a plurality of grinding blades, the material is subjected to various grinding forces such as shearing, collision, friction etc and finished grinding. The qualified materials are collected into the collection zone with the ascending airflow, the coarse materials are returned to the grinding zone for secondary grinding.

RTM Series Turbo Mill


  Unique Advantages

  To achieve ultrafine, high purification, functional, intelligent, carbon reduction, energy conservation and environmental protection is the mission and responsibility that time has given us.

  Adjustable grinding gap

  Adjustable grinding gap, achieve different grinding force, convenient to adjust the distance between mill rotor and ring gear 2-6mm, arbitrarily adjust, do not change the speed to achieve different grinding force.

  Dispersion and Coating in one

  Multi-purpose machine, dispersing and coating in one, can realize coating and dispersing integration through external hot air source, full coating, temperature controllable, free from environmental influence, good coating effect, alloy material rotor, high-speed dynamic balance, up to 6 layers of wear-resistant powder plate, guarantees excellent grinding effect and long service life.

  PLC programming control

  Using PLC programming control, achieve hierarchical authority management, storable, vibration sensors etc. using effective warning to prevent problems before they occur.

  SKF bearing

  SKF bearings make the drive run more smoothly.

  Technical Parameters

  Germany’s exquisite technology has been passed down and carried forward by us. Over 15 patents have enabled our products to lead the world.

Parameters/specifications Rotor Diameter(mm) Power (kw) Rotate Speed(Max r/min) Maximal Air Volume(m3/h) Fineness(um) Output(kg/h)
RTM-300H 300 18.5~22 7550 1600 5~250 30~800
RTM-500H 500 45 4700 2400 5~250 80~2000
RTM-750V 750 55~75 3000 3600 5~250 100~3000
RTM-1000V 1000 90~110 2250 4800 5~250 200~4500
RTM-1250V 1250 110~132 1800 6000 5~250 300~6000


The production capacity is closely related to the particle size, specific gravity, hardness, moisture and other indicators of the raw materials. The above is only for selection reference.

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