RLM Series Roller Mill

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Adopting German technology, high-precision machinery mill, continuous technological innovation and upgrading, suitable for 600- 5000mesh (23μm-2.5μm).

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RLM Series Roller Mill

Working Principle

  Creating the future of advanced materials with powder technology.

  Transmission device connects with main shaft. The top of shaft connects with rotor structure. The rotor structure has peripheral shaft. Peripheral shaft is installed with roller. When the main shaft starts to rotate, peripheral shaft rotates too, which would make the rollers revolve around main shaft and also rotate round peripheral shaft. The roller would create strong centrifugal force during the rotation and revolving, and grind material with stator. The ground material would fall down to the distribution plate. The distribution plate and the main shaft would rotate at the same time, and bring material to the round ring. Under negative pressure, it would go along the distribution ring to the classifier chamber. Qualified fine powder would go through the classifier wheel and into the collector, while coarse powder would fall down back to the milling chamber for further grinding.

RLM Series Roller Mill


  Unique Advantages

  To achieve ultrafine, high purification, functional, intelligent, carbon reduction, energy conservation and environmental protection is the mission and responsibility that time has given us.

  High grinding efficiency,High energy efficiency.

  Calcium carbonate feed size <10 mm, could grind material size less than 10 μm (with pass rate of 97%), and fine powder size <2.5μm accounted for about 40%, specific surface area is big.It has the advantages of high-efficiency, low-loss of high-speed impact mills, and product fineness is close to jet mill.

  Favorable product granularity and stability

  Ideal equipment for current dry grinding method to produce non-metallic mineral fine powder.The main machine is built-in classifier. Unique structure of classifying impeller, favorable classifying effect and no particle pollution. Particle sizes can be adjusted as needed.Could produce powder of D97=3-8μm, and also produce ordinary powder of D97=10-40μm.

  More environmentally friendly and energy saving

  Negative pressure, with higher efficiency dust collector, less dust; semi-automatic control and unique process to greatly improve production efficiency, it is the lowest energy consumption grinding equipment at present.

  Low wear

  The grinding wheel and grinding ring are made of special wear-resistant alloy steel, service life is increased by 2~3 times.

  Technical Parameters

  Germany’s exquisite technology has been passed down and carried forward by us. Over 15 patents have enabled our products to lead the world.

Parameter RLM89 RLM189 RLM219
Size D97 Output(kg/h) kwh/ton Output(kg/h) kwh/ton Output(kg/h) kwh/ton
600 28um     4500~5000 30    
800 18um 2500~2800 43 3500~4200 42 3500~4200 40
1250 10um 1500~1800 67 2000~2500 75 2000~2500 72
1500 9um 1000~1300 92 1500~2000 95 1600~2100 92
2000 7.8um 650~750 125 1000~1500 113 1100~1600 110
2500 5.5um 600~650 135 800~1200 123 900~1300 119
POWER 152kw 237kw 237kw
Note The above data is based on heavy calcium (feed size <10mm, Mohs hardness <5%), affected by different materials, differences in production areas etc, above data is for reference only. The particle size was measured by Omega particle size analyzer and Malvern particle size analyzer.

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