FW / HTS series air classifier (multi rotor)

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It is widely used in chemical industry, minerals (especially suitable for the classification of non mineral products such as calcium carbonate, kaolin, quartz, talc and mica), metallurgy, abrasives, ceramics, refractories, medicine, pesticides, food, health products, new materials and other industries.

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FW / HTS series air classifier (multi rotor)

Working Principle

  The classifier, cyclone separator, dust collector and induced draft fan form a set of classification system. Under the suction force of the fan, the materials move to the classification area at a high speed from the feed inlet at the lower end of the classifier with the updraft. Under the strong centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotating classification turbine, the materials are separated for five times. The fine particles meeting the particle size requirements enter the cyclone separator or dust collector through the blade clearance of the classification wheel, and the speed of some fine particles entrained by the coarse particles disappears after hitting the wall, It descends to the secondary air outlet along the cylinder wall, and the coarse and fine particles are separated by the strong scouring effect of the secondary air. The fine particles rise to the classification area for secondary classification, and the coarse particles fall to the discharge port for discharge.


  Adopting German technology, combining with domestic reality and continuous technological innovation and upgrading, the horizontal impeller structure is suitable for 325 mesh - 8000 mesh (45μm-1.5 μm)。 Automatic PLC programming control, convenient and fast adjustment, simple and easy operation.

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